Stick a fork in us…we’re done. With land that is….

Well it will probably not come as too much of a surprise to anyone that the original gypsy couple is about to be on the move again.  We are headed BACK to the boat.

When we came back to Florida last year, there were no real plans to do many things differently.  T and I were both planning on staying in California per diem, and we were going to haul Mongojo for a big ol’ heaping mess of work.    Then along came Brighter Days.  It was a whirlwind romance.  A late night text to T, a Facebook message to the seller, and the next day we were buying tickets to Mexico for a survey and sea trial.  It was stressful, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, and left us with a whole lot of “well…what now?”  When Mongojo sold to the first person that looked at her, we were left homeless in California.  Not necessarily a bad thing….no one wants two slip fees…but it sort of left our work lives in limbo.  Working in the Bay Area made ZERO financial sense without a cheap crash pad.  And it’s probably safe to say we had both had our fill anyway.  So we cut our ties out there and stayed in Florida, got a tan, got hitched, enjoyed the warm beaches and making periodic but far too infrequent visits to our new boat in the Bay of Banderas.

Almost 7 months into this part time boat life…and we both knew something had to change.  We are NOT land people anymore.  We just aren’t.  I miss the sway of the boat.  A taste of anchoring out last fall was absolute BLISS to us both, we spent three days aboard and even in rolly conditions, never wanted to go ashore.  I miss the sounds.  I miss the peace.  I miss being so in tune with the outside world around us.   When my amazing grandmother passed away suddenly in January, I was left with a deep sadness.  Despite the fact that she lived a full and healthy life, it was still a reminder that things change quickly.  As I was hastily packing for a sudden sad trip back to Kansas, I told T, “We gotta do something different.  We aren’t where we want to be and life is passing us by.  We need to really discuss this when I get back.”  He agreed, and  true to his word, we did.  While it involved a whole lot of philosophical ruminations that won’t be listed here, it all boils down to this:  Life is short.  Live it.

The downsides:

  • Back to travel nursing.  Maybe this won’t be a downside, but I’m prepared that it will be.  I certainly enjoyed it when I did it, but as I’ve got older, I’ve enjoyed the stability and predictability of being “staff.”  However, it’s entirely possible that I will enjoy it again once I go back.
  • Being   away from kids.  Neither girls have really laid the guilt on but I feel the angst.  It will be an adjustment for all.  Hayden misses California anyway, and feels the call of the west.  Stephanie is settled in Memphis, as is Zach.  So maybe this situation will resolve itself to the positive also.
  • The pets.  We never planned on living aboard with three.  But the cat is cool and poodle is old as dirt.  (Relax…I’m not heartless…this is a coping mechanism)  I love that old dog with all my heart but as he approaches 13 years old in a couple weeks (That is 91 in dog years, if you didn’t know  And what does that even mean anyway?) the reality is that he won’t be with us all that much longer.  We have struggled and discussed how Mongo will do on a boat.  He is a cool cat, he adapts to almost anything, he’s as well-trained as a cat can be and he’s amazing company.  If he isn’t adjusting  we will make the tough decisions, we don’t lack for options.  Everyone LOVES Mongo, who can resist a 24 pound fluffy chill Maine Coon?  Kida is Kida.  As long as she has Travis and food…she is happy.

The UP’s!!  So much more fun to focus on these:

  • Um…everything else??!!  Literally.  Everything else.   The water.  The beautiful Pacific Mexican coast.  The amazing food.  (ok beer isn’t great)  The lower cost of living.  The higher quality of living.  Avocado’s.  Tomatoes that still taste like tomatoes!  Tacos!  Churros!  (seriously….3 for 60 cents??  Heaven)  The fact that our time off will be measured in weeks and not days.  The close togetherness that we both enjoy.  Most of all, being back on the WATER.

So we leave Florida sometime in May, going to head back to the west coast (again) to store a few things , see T’s brother and his family.  We will stay a couple weeks and get  established working with a temp/travel nurse agency again (shouldn’t be difficult) and then two one-way tickets (with three pets flying “Fur-st class” non-stop) to Puerto Vallarta!!  I am so excited I can hardly wait!

We expect that we may have a “D Dock reunion” of sorts in La Cruz this summer, as Sea Glub, Mistcutter and possibly Double D all have plans to convene for the hurricane season in the protected realm of Marina Riviera Nayarit.  Alas, plans written in sand at low tide are always subject to change, but it’s definitely fun to think about the MBYH D Dock crew together again!

So in the meantime, plans are being made, lists are being drawn.  Serious thought is going into what we need to get down there.  First and foremost is the remaining 2 parts of our Mantus Anchor!  We have the shaft and the spade to go, which we are guessing are about 20 pounds each.  Thank goodness for Aeromexico’s generous luggage policy.  March’s trip to the boat has us carrying the awesome boat dishes we received for our wedding,  new bedding for both cabins, and hopefully the anchor shaft.  As Zach is also going  on this trip, I am taking full advantage of those 6 total checked bags!  (It’s entirely possible that a few inappropriate comments about a “mule” have been made.)

We will be based in La Cruz at least thru the 2018 season.  It’s just so awesome there! The town is great, the marina is protected and safe.   And it’s the perfect place for us to take baby steps into cruising.  We have several nice anchorages that are a few days sail away.  We can head up to Mazatlan, down to Zihuatinejo, over to La Paz, and just in general explore without having to get too far from protection.  It’s perfect for us and we want to spend that time exploring  and learning before we head further south and then make that big decision to turn left or turn right.  (Most likely left)

So that’s our plan!  I hope to be a lot more active on this blog as we make the move.  So follow along!  Subscribe if you haven’t, leave a comment,  drop us a note.  We’d love to hear from you.     — H