Countdown to Cruising….T minus 76 days

It’s actually 75 days and 12 hours til we arrive, but I’ll go with the old grade school method of counting “sleeps” and call it 76 days.  Cue the freakout- 76 days?  And if you subtract the days we work when we really can’t get much done, that’s at least 45% of our days.  Plus there are the days we are in transit from Alaska to Mexico (10 days) and that gives us…well…I suck at math but it gives us NOT A LOT OF TIME to get things done.

Since we packed and sorted our bags last week, things seem to be moving in fast forward.  It just seems REAL.  We have 8 bags (plus dogs) to get checked on that Alaska Airlines flight out of LAX on October 28.   AND we have a boat to catch and roughly 1,235 miles (plus a 30 hour ferry ride) to get there.

The past few days, “To-do” lists have been all the rage in my addled and stressed brain, a couple have even made it to paper.  Things to pack, things to have shipped here, things to get sorted to have done on the boat, etc etc etc.  As seasonal rates more than double starting November 1, we are anxious to get out of the marina.  We realize that we won’t make it out by November 1, but are shooting for a realistic date of around the middle of the month to cast off the lines and head out.  I suspect we will spend a few days (week(s)??) just at anchor, getting sorted, getting things stowed and organized, and testing some of the systems.  We had a new battery bank installed and with that and the inverter setup reworked, we are hoping the power woes which we experienced last fall will be solved.   (I act like I understand these things…but my understanding is quite rudimentary.  Sun goes to panels goes to something goes to batteries goes to inverter/magical unicorn thingy that makes my blender work for margaritas!  YASSSS!!!!)

Anyway, these “To Do” lists are quite long, but the reality is that we will never have it all done by Oct 18 or Oct 28 and certainly not by mid-November.  Things I want and deem important will be put off to next year.  Today I spent some time trying to sort what we wanted for a first aid bag.  As we’re both long time ER nurses, this should be simple, correct?  But this almost makes it more difficult, as we both know what we want, and none of the commercial bags seem to fit.  We will piece-meal a bag together, which will take time…and that is just about our most precious commodity these days.  (After money, of course.  That one is always in the forefront.)  So things like the First Aid bag and even the sketchy refrigeration will get turfed to a later day, while things like getting a dinghy and new life vests, finding flares (I’ve heard they are scarce) and  getting the vital systems on the boat in solid working order and name FINALLY on the stern will take precedence.  Safety and security over comfort.  This season will be coastal cruising, and taking baby steps into this new lifestyle.  I anticipate a sharp learning curve, and Travis and I have promised nothing more than to be kind to each other, not to hurry, and to learn as we go.

I finally did the math, and we have about 20 working days here to get this all in order.  Wish us luck!

Love and Peace,

T and H, SV Brighter Days

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