Ojo (Oh-Joe) is a 12 year-old standard poodle who has been with Hilary since 2004, when he was a wee 8 week old furball pup.  He’s been with her through thick and thin, watched the kids grow up, and has been the best dog anyone could ever have.  He loves the water, as long as it’s the beach and not pool.  He is a senior dog in everyway at this point, but still very agile and healthy.  His nicknames are few, we always just called him Ojo.  Lately however, we seem to favor “Captain Alzheimers” as sadly he has become a bit forgetful.



Kida (Kee-duh)  is 5-ish year-old rescue mix, we would guess a flat coat retriever based on her long flat hair, her retriever drive, her sweet temper but all around stubborn as a MULE disposition.  Called many things, Kida Bear, Bear, Bonquiqui, and sociopath, she came to us as a rescue when she was about 2.  She loves the boat as long as the waves aren’t too steep and short, but isn’t a fan of water or swimming.  She LOVES Travis.  And Food.  And bad weather.  The nastier the weather, the happier she is.  Those nighttime walks on the SF Bay in 25+ winds and rain seemed to be her favorite.

Both dogs lived aboard Mongojo, our previously loved Downeast 38,  and were amazing boat dogs.  Currently they are land based, but we do plan to take them to the boat providing they stay healthy and happy once we move back on board full-time.